AseptiQuik & MPC

AseptiQuik® G Connectors enable quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments. The easy-to-use genderless design simplifies system integration and minimizes the risk of operator error. The connectors’ robust construction provides enhanced user confidence and reliable performance without the need for clamps, fixtures or tube welders.

MPC Series couplings add ease of use and security to your most critical fluid handling applications. MPC Series have a Male and Female variant. The Male variants are closed with a Sealing Cap and the Female variants are closed with a Sealing Plug. The coupling halves can be rotated when connected which reduces tube kinks. The MPC Series are reusable but also economical enough to allow disposability. Therefor this is also the option if  a connection by Aseptic Tube Welding is needed.

Note: MPC Male only fits to MPC Female.

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