Tubing Types and Sizes

Tubing Types

Three types of tubing have been used in the SDD™ assembly designs.

  • C-Flex 374 tubing is the most used tubing type. It has been used in all designs where welding or sealing of the tubing could be an issue.
  • Platinum Cured Silicone tubing has been used in the designs where welding or sealing of the tubing is not an issue.
  • PharMed BPT tubing is used in the ‘Pump Sets’ for a longer lifetime of the tubing during peristaltic pumping.

Tubing Sizes

The tubing diameters have been standardized in five sizes.

  • Size S: 1/8″ inner diameter x 1/4″ outer diameter.
  • Size A: 1/4″ inner diameter x 3/8″ outer diameter.
  • Size B: 3/8″ inner diameter x 5/8″ outer diameter.
  • Size C: 1/2″ inner diameter x 3/4″ outer diameter.
  • Size D: 3/4″ inner diameter x 1 1/4″ outer diameter.